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As an architect it is not always easy to find reliable engineers that will allow your work to shine. Studio M is one of those firms. Mic conducted himself with the utmost professionalism and contributed valuable ideas and service on our project. I would gladly refer him to other architects looking to foster relationships with engineers that are honest, fair, collaborative and dedicated to the success of the design process.

"Mic is always a pleasure to work with. As a builder trying to be efficient and productive in our region with so many requirements from governing bodies & obstacles to face in sustainable building it is truly a blessing to work with design professionals such as Studio M! Having an engineer that is client oriented to specific project needs is unheard of in our marketplace!"

Working with Mic on multiple projects, I can attest to his attention to detail, speed and problem solving abilities - no matter which phase the project is in. I particularly like his system of creating each project's structural design in 3D, which makes his designs very thorough and easy to interact with architecturally. This is also a big advantage graphically as he's able to dynamically illustrate details so that the structural design is easily understood and the guess work's removed. Working with Mic is a timely, thorough and cohesive process.

We love working with Mic @ Studio M ! He is professional and understands framing and field conditions. Rapid response times and frequents site meetings make it a complete package. Mic is our go-to-guy for structural engineering an all our projects.

I have served in the nursery at New Creation Church with Mic for many years. His heart for God, his family and the church is evident to everyone around him. He is very reliable, responsible and nurturing in caring for the young children of our church.

Working with Mic has been a great pleasure. It's great knowing that we can have an open dialogue about any questions or challenges that arrive throughout any point of the project.

His thoroughness and follow up ensure that any project, no matter how big or small can succeed.

Mic Baca and I have worked on many projects together and I have found Mic to be tremendously helpful and very easy to work with. He is always quick to respond when I have a question or a problem. Mic is very knowledgeable about all things pertaining to structural engineering in homebuilding and I highly recommend him.

Mic was a pleasure to work with on an otherwise complex project. He was very thorough and accommodating which allowed me to focus on other aspects of the project. Changes or clarifications were handled quickly and pricing was very fair. I highly recommend Studio M Engineers and look forward to working with Mic again. Thank you Mic

Mic has expertise in consulting and evaluating construction problems. He made us a clear and well designed proposals very quickly and pointed out a problem no one else had noticed. I would use him for any future construction projects I may have.

Professional, Efficient , and Reasonably Priced. My drawings were done in one day in order to get my C.O. for my business. Would definitely use again in the future .....Thank you Michael !!!

Studio M Engineers is a very dynamic and "work with"engineer. Mic is a pleasure to interact with and has always done a fine job with a design that fits the project and budget. As always, projects have time constraints and Mic always makes sure we have information we need to build the job in a timely manner. I would recommend Studio M Engineers to anyone looking for a quality structural engineer.

It has been our pleasure at Confluence Architecture to work with Mic and Studio M Engineers. Mic is distinguishes himself by the effort he invests to keep up to date on construction and engineering techniques. We have been impressed with his 3d detailing and interest in efficient framing. Studio M shows an attention to detail that always impresses.

I first became involved with Studio M Engineers this past year, requiring structural drawings for residential projects.

I am impressed with Mic's knowledge, level of detail produced and ability to provide 3d drawings showing not only details but entire framing systems. This is most helpful on the job where illustrating the structure in 3d can be most helpful to the contractor and crew.

I would recommend Mic and Studio M Engineers anytime.

I have known Mr. Baca for about eight years. During that time we have worked on a number of projects in the Glenwood Springs, Colorado area. He has always been very diligent and competent in all my dealings with him. Mic has always been very helpful to me as a client in making on going changes to designs as circumstances dictated.

He is very conservative in his designs and I’m quite sure that his work will stand the test of time. He has a very cheerful attitude and is quite likeable. I would recommend Mr. Baca to anyone who is in need of an excellent structural engineer.

As a Project Manager for Aspen Skiing Company, I have had the opportunity to work with many different construction and design professionals on wide variety of project types. I can honestly say that it was a great experience working with Mic Baca. We worked together on the structural repair and remode of a 6,700 square foot restaurant located within the Aspen Mountain Ski Area.

The Bonnie’s Restuaurant project required that the new structure be closely coordinated with the existing building elements. In addition, the work needed to be completed within the short summer season and be ready for occupancy the following ski season.

Not only was Mic knowledgeable in regard to the structural solutions presented, but he was always aware of our needs and position as a facility owner and operator. His timeliness, thoroughness, and above all, ability to work easily with the entire team were all important factor to the success of the project.

I would not hesitate to recommend Mic for any future structural consulting work and believe that with this structural knowledge, work ethic and common sense, he would be a valuable member of any project team.

I just wanted to acknowledge you for the work you did for me on my last project. I have built many complex structures since I first opened my doors in 1979. Many times, in the early years I had to question the somewhat ‘rote’ way in which the structural element of the project where contemplated and developed. In those days, when my knowledge was not developed either, I accepted whatever the engineer came up with. Sometimes I feel that I pad for the ‘boiler plate’ solutions when something else was needed.

Mic is willing to get down and dirty on the deails. He will exhaust the many alternatives in order to reach the satisfactory solutions. He is able to understand that while many solutions to structural challenges embrace standard solutions, Mic is able to take into account the labor aspects as wells as the material cost in order to make the project work efficiently.

Mic is a perfect blend of modesty, humility and integrity and together with his professionalism and growing experiences, I believe he has the ingredients for a successful longterm career in his field. My recommendation is without reservation.

I have been the head designer at the Drawingboard for eleven years. Our firm specializes in the architecture of residential and commercial buildings. We have been located in Glenwood Springs, Colorado for 36 years.

I worked with Mic on the Neal addition in Elk Springs subdivision. Mic was quick to respond to any engineering needs that we had on the Neal project and he was efficient with communicating the answer of an engineering questions that anyone had about the project, whether in person, by email or on the phone. He is friendly, personable, a hard worker and would be an asset to anyone that he works for.

I have known Mic since 2006. We are both members of New Creation Church and have been serving on the Parking Lot Ministry together since then as well. I have come to rely on Mic to lead one of the teams. These teams have three to five people on them and they are required to work together to provide parking service to the church members creating ease of parking in very limited spaces.

Mic has always shown distinction in everything he puts his hand to. This is a volunteer position and Mic performs his duties with excellence. Mic is very timely and available when needed. He communicates well with his team and is thorough in making sure that his team is well informed and efficient.

The dedication and excellence that Mic displays as a volunteer should indicate how much of an asset he would be to any employer and I highly recommend his character and work ethics for any project.

I worked with Mr. Mic Baca over the past three years. During that time, I have been fortunate to work closely with Mr. Baca, as his firm has completed a comprehensive analysis of the Aspen Community Church and its structure. Mic has demonstrated the highest integrity in his analysis of the existing structural deficiencies at the ACC. This project is led by a team of construction professionals and members of the Congregation. Mic and his firm were hired to lead a study of the building’s structure. Mic is held in high regard by all team members.

Mic has consistently demonstrated the highest integrity, attention to detail, quality of work, responsiveness of service and a very high level of performance. As a structural engineering professional, Mic Baca is recommended without reservation.

My company has had the pleasure of working with Studio M on several different projects, from small repairs to larger projects requiring significant structural modifications. Mic is very realistic in the design process and understanding of how things will be executed in the field. He has always provided plans and revisions to plans in a very timely manner. I don't know of many engineering firms that are so considerate to a clients needs and goals, often going out of his way to keep a project moving forward.

Mic is very professional and efficient. He is very organized and detail oriented and strives to do his best in every area of the job. He was very pleasant to work with and I would definitely work with him again in the future

Studio M Engineering was a major asset in the designing and engineering of our product, very helpful and knowledgeable of all aspects of the requirements. I highly recommend for any work needed done. He very friendly and easy to work with.

Mic was great to work with. He was thorough, took great care to understand our design intent, and exceeded his scope of work without charging

Excellent work, done timely at a decent price & dependable. Highly recommend.

Fair prices, faster and friendly service without the typical professional ego. I feel like I got a good value for my dollar

This Engineer is one of the best I have worked with, Hands down! Mic is Very Knowledgeable, dependable, and most importantly always get's his projects done on time. Mic communicates the expectations between both parties well, and is a valued based Engineer. I hired Mic for a project and it was Affordable, great quality, and the Delivery of the job as a whole went very smooth. I would rate this Company at a A+++.

Mic is a pleasure to work with. He is one of the most practical and client / project oriented engineers I've worked with.