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Studio M Believes in .....

- Lean, intelligent, versatile designs that carry more than one load type, and connect several load paths simultaneously. I believe that this creates maximal efficiency in a structure. The biggest challenge is using common materials to create uncommon structural designs.

- Prefabrication; can the project save time, effort, and truck traffic (reduce carbon print) to your site by building things before they are set into place.

- Eliminating designs that are custom, unique and completely impractical. A beautiful design blends form and function.

- Biomimicry: designs that mimic nature and  blend with forces from gravity, soil, snow and wind rather than designs that simply fight them. The introduction of better building material uses such as geofoam, eliminates the need to literally hold back mountains….the end result is savings in time, money and design.

- Minimalism. Bigger is not better in our humble opinion. Smarter is better. Designs that have multi function reciprocity and have the flexibility to evolve with the occupants life cycle needs….in short, designs that fit like a glove and stretch like one too.

- Informed design. Always learning, discovering and searching. As one of my past mentors proclaimed, “You have to get outside of your box”.

Green Sensibility. While the green theme might not make economical sense at times, the underlying theme does: don’t waste just because it saves a dime or a minute. Respect life. Green design is a focus on someone else’s future….it is the exact opposite of low ball proposals and the typical American developer greed. I like that fact and will make substantial effort to work on projects that have a similar viewpoint.

- Full life cycle of buildings and materials. Build. Live. De-construct and recycle.

- Resource management. If I can get the material locally, I will specify this over a material that has to ship from several states away.

- Local Resources. I work with and prefer local, small business companies. We're all in this together.