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The majority of home owners who call our company start their conversation with "How much does it cost for you to do structural plans for our house?"

This question is important. The other question that is important, that is seldom asked, is "What type of plans do you produce?"

The following example is a Cad drafted, engineering plan used for the actual construction of a house by a structural engineer in this area.


The other two plans are examples of structural drawings produced by

Studio M Engineers showing a nearly identical project.

The stark contrast is a great example of why the "How much does it Cost" is not a question that will give you a picture of the type of structural product you are getting.


It is important to identify value in your engineering quotes. Would it surprise you to know that the first image showing the simple plan is initially 10% cheaper than the second two plans? That is an estimated savings of $450.

Would it surprise you to know that by the time that project is finished, the simplified plan easily has the potential to cost the owner and construction crews as much as 5% of the total project price tag ($400,000 x 0.05 = $20,000) in time, redo's and design v.s. building misinterpretation?

Value varies by project and owner. Long term cost savings are as much as 45 times the short term cost savings experienced by using a set of plans that is up to the level of detail required.

Check out this short description on identifying value with your structural engineering proposals.

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