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How much does it cost ?

- Price Depends on the complexity, location, season, market, schedule and an entire variety of factors. In short summary, we have to see your job, on paper, even if it is a napkin sketch concept, to give you a written proposal. Above all, recognize that not all engineers produce identical products. Stamped set of plans you say? It is a lot more than that...... Click here to understand the importance of comparing apples to apples.....

How long will it take ?

Schedules will be clearly defined in each proposal. Schedule will not be held until the proposal and retainer are submitted.

I've never done this before? Where do I start?

We recommend starting with the governing building department who will be responsible for reviewing your project. Most of the building departments have convenient checklists to help you gather the right documents, and will be able to guide you towards what you will need to give them in order to get a permit and start construction.

- A surveyor. If you are building something new, extending or enlarging a footprint, you will need a surveyor to show you the limit, define boundaries, and tell the building department that you are building where allowed. We have had  good success with Bookcliff Surveying out of Rifle and recommend them without reservation.

- Your HOA, assuming you have one, is another top 3, in terms of importance for starting a new project. HOA's often have regulations and requirements that trump even the building department. A happy HOA means a smooth project.

Can you stamp the plans I created on my own?

- Because of liability reasons, we do not stamp other people's plans.